Monday, October 22, 2012


Hey fam bam,

This past week has been an adventure. We have officially been without water for ten days, and they say we won't see water at least until Saturday. A pipe broke under a 3 story house, and the owners won't let them enter to repair. Stupid. It has been pretty crazy watching people fight for water from trucks that hand it out. I can't imagine how a real catastrophe would be here. People would literally kill!  Needless to say, I haven't showered for a little bit, but luckily college life prepared me for this. hahaha.

We had the baptism of two children this week. They were cousins and the little girl was honestly the cutest thing. A member bought the girl a dress to be baptized in and the girl looked like a princess. She almost cried when she saw it. The boy on the other hand was baptized in my shirt because somebody took all of the baptism clothing. He actually liked it and asked to have the shirt to sleep in, but i need my shirts so I think I will just buy one for him.

This week I really tried to focus on finding less active members to bring to church. We went to the house of one lady who lived way way way up in the hills. She was an old lady who was so excited to see us that she sang to me in quechua. I took a video and partway through she burst out crying and said she felt like she had been forgotten and had prayed for a sign that someone loved her and the day despues me y mi comp arrived. She came to church this Sunday with her son who is also less active. He is 23 and very quiet but likes to talk to the Elders. They were a testimony to me that God never ever forgets his children.

I got an email that yes the package you sent arrived in Lima and would get to me in 2 weeks.  Can't wait to see what's in it. Also mom, I know it's your birthday coming up but I might not be able to get the package I want to you on time...we will see...

I hope you're all good and know that I miss you to death! Keep fighting the good fight... love you like the cool side of the pillow... chau

Elder Larson

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