Monday, November 26, 2012


Dear Family,

I am so happy to hear y'all had a great Thanksgiving. I am not going to lie, the Peruvians down hear have never even heard of this holiday and in truth I forgot that Thanksgiving was this month. Holidays aren't the same without the family, but I guess since I didn't remember it was a blessing because i wasn't home sick. :)

I had the opportunity to baptize a sister named Mercedes. She is the mother of two girls who got baptized last month. 
For mom-- who wants to know about the area-- I will talk a little more... the members are great. They all are really helpful in the work, and I can say it is thanks to them that we can enter houses to teach. My area is big and so is our zone. (Not like dad's mission, but still.) My bathroom of hour dormitorio is kinda funny. The shower is literally over the the toilet. haha.  I have the strangest urge to go to the bathroom and shower at the same time but we will save that story for a later date. haha, 

I am loving this work. Yesterday I felt the spirit so strong. There was a less-active girl of 16 anos that we were teaching. I started to explain that church attendance brings happiness and obedience. She told me that she didn't believe in happiness.  At first I was a little confused. She kept saying how happiness only brought more sorrow later on. I didn't know what to say.  I said a prayer and asked for the ability to know what to say. I started to say how there are two types of happiness-- a temporary happiness which we get from things of this world, and an eternal happiness that can't be bought or purchased. I then asked her if she knew about the Atonement. She said no. I said, not I nor mi companion nor the family understand her family, but I had a testimony that Christ knew her trials because he felt them personally for her. I saw her countenance change from night to day. Of course her life was sad, she didn't want to go to church.

Family, let me tell you that I know the Atonement of Jesus Cristo changes lives. It is our only hope for true happiness forever. I am grateful my family and my parents know that. 

Fam bam, know that i love you, and when I get back we are going to talk and laugh and play alll the time... BUT I have a mission I need to do here. I can't explain how, but I feel a love for these people. I no longer have fear to talk and share my testimony always.....I love these children I am serving, and I love you all.

Keep calm and carry on.....cant wait to skype..... i pray for you all,,,,, and soren we can grow mustaches when i get back :) thanks whit for the pic, allison for keeping up the blog and em for your emails, hannah stay away from those boys, lukas keep me upsated on sports. mom dad i love you and miss you....

Elder Larson

Monday, November 12, 2012


Dear Family,

I have officially experienced my first transfer. It was hard to leave the ward and my converts behind, but I want to get to know other parts of Peru. I am now in Huancayo and let me tell you.....IT IS FREEZING!!! I am now glad I came with gloves and a sweater. haha.  It feels like Ephraim in the fall here and it made me think of the deer hunt. Also, the elevation should help me to drop a few pounds (Mom, I don't know how much I've dropped because i don't have a scale). I have trouble walking up and down the hills but I am happy for the exercise. My Pensionista is awesome but i don't know why people think i can eat a truck load of food. I have to tell her to stop giving me food this week or my stomach will burst. 

My Companion is Elder Lopez he is also de Guatamala and will be finishing this change also. He works hard but I can tell he is excited to go home, but he works, so I am happy as a clown to be here with him. This Bishop here is hilarious. He reminds me of Brother Fifield and is a big help to the work. Also there are a lot of kids getting ready to go on a mission and they help us with exchanges.  The people here are a little bit richer than in Haunaco and don't really listen to us but I know there are people here ready and willing to listen. 

I know Christmas is coming up and i will be sending a package home in the next three weeks.... HOWEVER, you cannot open this package until Christmas!!! If you could send me the address of our house again that would be great!

I love you all so so so much i will send pics soon.... love ya hug those cats and if necessary eat them...

Elder Larson