Monday, October 22, 2012


muy buenos dias to yáll

So this week for conference our president of the mission said that we were not allowed to attend conference unless we had an investigator in the session with us. He said we could wait to read the talks if we didn't get to see them.  My comp and I worked so hard and fasted for people to be able to come.  The miracle we had is that we had at least one investigator in every session. It was a testimony to me that if our desires and work are united you can see miracles, but man was I tired after.

This week I had the opportunity to teach to people that helped me grow my testimony. They were both named jhon. One has 45 years and the other 13. The 45 year old is the dad of his sons that we recently baptized. We were teaching about arrepentmiento and he interupted and said, "elders your apostol said something today about tithing... I can't explain why, but I feel like I have to pay my tithing. How do I do it so I can truly repent?" I was like, wow, you rock.

The other is a non-member. He also came to conference but we didn't have the opportunity to teach him any lessons. We left him a book of mormon to read. The kid marked his favorite scriptures and memorized 3 of them and then asked how he could be baptized.  He honestly has more faith than I have ever seen in someone and I wanted to cry when we were teaching him because he is better than half the priesthood holders his age.

I am so greatful for this blessing I have to work in this work... thanks for everything mom and dad... I show our fam picture to everyone, to teach how the gospel can make a family happier than any other thing.

love you

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