Monday, March 4, 2013


Dear Family,

I am sending a lot of pictures, so I will try to describe most of them. There are some of me hugging a little kid. He is the son of our pensionista, and his hair is always a mess. Reminded me of me as a kid. Also, there are some baptisms that I had this week. One with my companion crying in pain, which I will explain, and some random pics.

I am going to try to explain the amazing week I had on my mission in the little time I have.

1. There is a package (don't know from who, waiting in the post). So to avoid problems, I am taking an hour drive with my comp to go pick it up because the missionaries in the office screw up all the time, and I don't want it to return to you guys AGAIN. I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!

2. We had two amazing baptisms this week. Once again, I have a testimony I was called to this mission for a reason. One sister is named Sherley. She has been receiving "charlas" since 2010. She finally accepted to be baptized. She has always wanted to, but she had bad feelings against her father who was a member but abandoned his family in 2010. We finally got her to realize that she had to let this problem go, and with a long LONG lesson and tears from everyone in the room, she accepted  The next day she was baptized. The second lady is named Dorkas (she has been receiving "charlas" since Feb 2011). Her parents would not give her permission to get baptized, but my companion and I had a lesson where we just got to know the parents and showed them that we were normal. The dad who is in the picture (he has white hair) said if the church has people like us, he wants his girl to be apart of this. He signed the permission slip and I saw the true happiness come to the face of Dorkas. It is one of my most favorite pictures of my mission, the one with the three of them so happy... He then asked if I or my comp could marry his daughter. It was a nice gesture, but we explained that we were here for other purposes, but that after the mission we would look for wives. hahaha....

3. My companion had a pretty bad ingrown toenail (gross), and the pictures i sent was the pensionista taking it out.  I could not stop laughing. Poor guy. haha. He really has been my favorite comp so far, and the companion with which I have had the most success and most fun.

4. I really want to say how lucky we are to get the ensign. I completely took for granted the amazing revelation that comes every month when I was at home. I challenge everyone in the family to not just read, but study and even memorize passages from talks and stories in the ensign. When I study like that I receive strength and help in lessons I have teach. Do not take for granted those scriptures that come every month like I did. 

5. Next week we will be able to go to the temple, but I don't know if i will be able to write... so in case I can't say it then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKAS AND EMILEE!!!!!  Will someone please write Sarah an email and tell her happy birthday for me too.

6. Finally got some new shoes, but I tell you what, they get destroyed fast here because we walk only in hot sand all day. But hey, who's complaining....

7. I am so glad to hear the members of our ward who are going on missions. What a blessing to them and to the people they will serve.
8. Dad, I would love a copy of your newsletters and also I am going to send a copy of our letter from our president last week anouncing the mission split..... put it in google translate to understand:
  "Me siento muy complacido y emocionado al escribirles nuevamente como cada semana, es para mi un gozo el poder hacerlo pues al esciribirles estas líneas siento como si los tuviera frente a mi y eso me alegra, se que no puedo estar con uds cada semana pero mi corazón y mis oraciones si, al inicio de este año les dije que el 2013 seria de grandes bendiciones y que muchas cosas buenas vendrían a la misión, pues aparte de que tendremos otra gira misional que no es usual tan seguidas,   uds serán parte de un gran cambio en la misión, pues a partir del 1 de julio se creará la misión Peru Huancayo, esto significa que nuestra misión se ha multiplicado y uds pasaran a la historia como los misioneros que estuvieron e hicieron esto realidad, podrán decir que estaban aquí cuando esto sucedió,  el viernes la iglesia anuncio 58 nuevas misiones y nosotros somos una de ellas, ELDERES Y HERMANAS LES FELICITO , por hacer esto posible, con su dedicación y esfuerzo lograron que la iglesia pueda crecer y el evangelio restaurado pueda llegar a mas almas

Como dice en  DyC 38:33 “y desde allí  irán a todas las naciones los que yo quisiere, y les será dicho lo que han de hacer; porque tengo reservada una gran obra, pues Israel será salvo y lo guiare´ por donde yo quiera, y ningún poder detendrá mi mano”.

Elderes y hermanas ningún poder podrá detener esta obra, ni siquiera misioneros desobedientes, pero los de buena voluntad
y los obedientes comerán de la abundancia de la tierra de Sión en estos postreros días.   Uds son parte de este milagro, cuanto hemos aportado para que esto fuese posible?,  podemos decir con tranquilidad a nuestros hijos di todo y hize todo lo posible e imposible para que estos milagros fuesen posible?,   si no lo han hecho todavi hay tiempo. Les quiero decir algo

9. I love you all so much. It is a joy to hear from you every week. Thanks to every one of you for helping me all my life. I am here on the mission, I will always be grateful for family. 

10. Also Mom, will you write sister Carle and tell her thanks so much for that puzzle of the plan of salvation that she sent me. I use it to teach a lot... I also made my own portable plan of salvation card. I encourage you all to do the same. Have fun creating one in your own form and creative way.

11. Oh, I almost forgot one more story... I will tell you next week remind me next week there isn't time. ahhhhhhhhhh