Monday, October 22, 2012


Dear Family!!!

I am so grateful for the Lord´s hand in the work this week. We had 5 very great, awesome people get baptized this week (johan-19 andy-11 jhon-11 chris-8 stevin-8 years old). They are all awesome and Chris especially has an amazing testimony for an 8 year old. Their parents are all also investigating the gospel. They have to wait to be baptized because they are not married, but are saving the money and attending church with their children. I want to get the Dads baptized so they can get the priesthood and ordain their sons when they turn 12. We are going to have family home evenings in their homes this week. It should be way fun. We (mi and my comp) are going to make chupetes (popsicles).

My new companion hasn't arrived yet and won't arrive 'til Wednesday, which stinks because I can't work in my area until Wednesday because I am with the liders de the zone until then. I hope my investigators will be alright...

I attached a photo of the baptisms, and one of Elder Barney. He has been out here for only 1 month more than me and will be going to BYU after the mission too... he is awesome...

I havent heard alot about my package yet? Has it arrived? I hope so because it had alot of cards for different people...

Sorry it is so short i hope you guys know i love you.... talk to you more later
Elder Larson

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