Monday, October 22, 2012


Hey fam bam,

This past week has been an adventure. We have officially been without water for ten days, and they say we won't see water at least until Saturday. A pipe broke under a 3 story house, and the owners won't let them enter to repair. Stupid. It has been pretty crazy watching people fight for water from trucks that hand it out. I can't imagine how a real catastrophe would be here. People would literally kill!  Needless to say, I haven't showered for a little bit, but luckily college life prepared me for this. hahaha.

We had the baptism of two children this week. They were cousins and the little girl was honestly the cutest thing. A member bought the girl a dress to be baptized in and the girl looked like a princess. She almost cried when she saw it. The boy on the other hand was baptized in my shirt because somebody took all of the baptism clothing. He actually liked it and asked to have the shirt to sleep in, but i need my shirts so I think I will just buy one for him.

This week I really tried to focus on finding less active members to bring to church. We went to the house of one lady who lived way way way up in the hills. She was an old lady who was so excited to see us that she sang to me in quechua. I took a video and partway through she burst out crying and said she felt like she had been forgotten and had prayed for a sign that someone loved her and the day despues me y mi comp arrived. She came to church this Sunday with her son who is also less active. He is 23 and very quiet but likes to talk to the Elders. They were a testimony to me that God never ever forgets his children.

I got an email that yes the package you sent arrived in Lima and would get to me in 2 weeks.  Can't wait to see what's in it. Also mom, I know it's your birthday coming up but I might not be able to get the package I want to you on time...we will see...

I hope you're all good and know that I miss you to death! Keep fighting the good fight... love you like the cool side of the pillow... chau

Elder Larson


muy buenos dias to yáll

So this week for conference our president of the mission said that we were not allowed to attend conference unless we had an investigator in the session with us. He said we could wait to read the talks if we didn't get to see them.  My comp and I worked so hard and fasted for people to be able to come.  The miracle we had is that we had at least one investigator in every session. It was a testimony to me that if our desires and work are united you can see miracles, but man was I tired after.

This week I had the opportunity to teach to people that helped me grow my testimony. They were both named jhon. One has 45 years and the other 13. The 45 year old is the dad of his sons that we recently baptized. We were teaching about arrepentmiento and he interupted and said, "elders your apostol said something today about tithing... I can't explain why, but I feel like I have to pay my tithing. How do I do it so I can truly repent?" I was like, wow, you rock.

The other is a non-member. He also came to conference but we didn't have the opportunity to teach him any lessons. We left him a book of mormon to read. The kid marked his favorite scriptures and memorized 3 of them and then asked how he could be baptized.  He honestly has more faith than I have ever seen in someone and I wanted to cry when we were teaching him because he is better than half the priesthood holders his age.

I am so greatful for this blessing I have to work in this work... thanks for everything mom and dad... I show our fam picture to everyone, to teach how the gospel can make a family happier than any other thing.

love you


Dear Family,

So my new companion arrived last Wednesday. His name is Elder Carpio. He is from Guatamala and has only 3 months 'til he finishes his mission. I am still in the same area, San Luis Huanaco Peru, and loving it.  My comp knows so much about the scriptures I can begin reading a verse anywhere in the bible and he will tell me what book and between 2-3 chapters of where it is.... he is awesome and knows so much. I get along great with him and we are working hard.

However, this week I had my first big experience with mormon haters. My comp and I were walking off to the side of the road. There was a pretty big puddle in the dirt, but it was off the asphalt road so we thought we were fine. Then this car swerved off the asphalt splashing water all over my companion and me, then turned back on the road and left. At first I was mad, but I looked down and I nor my comp were wet or it what you want, but in my eyes it was a miracle.

Last Saturday was Johan, one of my recent converts birthday.  I passed by and gave him a white shirt and one of my ties. He showed up to church dressed and looked bombdiggity. That Sunday we taught him about the priesthood and he was excited to talk to the branch president about getting the priesthood.  He is a great guy and a real convert to the church.

This week I had what is called papas rellenos or refilled potatoes. They are different than refilled potatoes and when I get home I want to make everybody one. They are delicios!!!!!!!!!!!!

The work as always is hard, but worth it. I was feeling a little discouraged this week because we didn't have baptisms until I read in Preach my gospel pg 10.... it talks about how a missionary can really measure if they are having success, and list about ten points analyze yourself.  One of the ones that hit me hard was "you concern yourself with the salvation of souls of your investigators and their desires to serve god... " I am not trying to get into my head that I am not here to baptize only, but to really save the lives of people. It helped me to think like that.

As always, I love you guys and miss you like you wouldn't believe...but, I need to be here.

love everyone so much chau.........


Dear Family!!!

I am so grateful for the Lord´s hand in the work this week. We had 5 very great, awesome people get baptized this week (johan-19 andy-11 jhon-11 chris-8 stevin-8 years old). They are all awesome and Chris especially has an amazing testimony for an 8 year old. Their parents are all also investigating the gospel. They have to wait to be baptized because they are not married, but are saving the money and attending church with their children. I want to get the Dads baptized so they can get the priesthood and ordain their sons when they turn 12. We are going to have family home evenings in their homes this week. It should be way fun. We (mi and my comp) are going to make chupetes (popsicles).

My new companion hasn't arrived yet and won't arrive 'til Wednesday, which stinks because I can't work in my area until Wednesday because I am with the liders de the zone until then. I hope my investigators will be alright...

I attached a photo of the baptisms, and one of Elder Barney. He has been out here for only 1 month more than me and will be going to BYU after the mission too... he is awesome...

I havent heard alot about my package yet? Has it arrived? I hope so because it had alot of cards for different people...

Sorry it is so short i hope you guys know i love you.... talk to you more later
Elder Larson


Dear Family,

I am so sorry for not writing last week. I had an emergency exchange of companions and the day was hectic.

Elder Bareiro is now the secretary of salud and my new companion is from (you wont believe it) Perris, California. We know a few of the same people and it is pretty crazy. He will be leaving to go home, he finishes his mission this Sunday, so I won't get a lot of time with him. We have been working really hard (I mean really hard) and we have 4 people that will be baptized this Saturday. I learned a lot from him in these short days. Also, we have been focusing on looking for families to teach rather than people, solo. There is something awesome about teaching a family and all ending on our knees in prayer and having the Dad pray for the first time. It is a powerful experience to see the family learn and grow. Glad I had that opportunity to serve with him. 

The package is officially in the mail. I tried to send some things but it came out to 200 soles soooo I just mailed the cd of pics and some letters, oh and also inside there are letters with stamps from another missionary.... please put those in the mail for him also.

I will try to send more màs cerca de christmas..... i love you all and miss you so much!!!!!

Your Elder Larson

(also mom will you send me the recipe for pancakes and french toast as simple as possible....thanks love you)