Monday, September 3, 2012


Dear Family,

Welp, tonight I will once again be traveling to Lima. This time to finish my capacitation of a new Elder. I also have some good news.  I am going to send a packet home with a CD of all my pictures. Hast ahora I had my pictures saved by a member with a computer.  Don't know how she had them. And also I am going to send a whole bunch of letters to you guys in a packet and if you could mail them to the respective persons I would be really grateful.

I had a great spiritual experience that really testified that every missionary is called to that place for a reason. My ¨pesionista,¨the lady who feeds us and who we live with, isn't a member. She has had a grand number of missionaries in her house and every one of them has tried to teach her.  But something always kept her from getting baptized, even though she went to church read the Book of Mormon and everything.  Well Elder Bareiro y yo had a lesson with her. She finally, after 1 1/2 years, told us what her problems with the church were. We were able to resolve it and she was baptized 3 days later along with her sister.  In all truth, the two are a latin version of Grandma Judy and her sister. It is so funny. And I got to baptize her. To celebrate, of course like Grandma, she wanted a big meal and invited the bishop and four sets of missionaries. We guessed it...guinea pig, and the way it was prepared it was honestly the best meat I have ever tasted.  I mean like I crave it now... delicious.

HOWEVER, this week I also had what is called tokosh, a potato that smells like a turd and tasted about the same too. Look up a description online.  It will say the smell is terrible. The reason I had it was because we were tracting and the family who lives in a hut made of whatever they could find in the street invited us in. We walked in and the smell was horrendous. I asked my companion "what is that smell?" and he just said ¨oh no."  I ate it all and made the mistake of lying and telling the sister that it was good.  So of course she brought out another plate.  Needles to say the night was a long one. I felt horrible, but I am now better. haha

Hope you guys are awesome... and to all the returned missionaries who read this... any ideas on how to have appointments not fall through? Something I can say or do that will help them for sure stay in their house for our appointment.

*** Mail update: While the mail in Peru is still somewhat on strike, Sheldon is now able to receive letters from again and will be sending letters to the states soon.  Thank you to all who continue to write him!***

"The Baptism"
"Killing and skinning my guinea pig"
"Guinea Pig Head (delicios)"
The infamous"tokosh- took this picture when they weren't around"

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