Monday, September 3, 2012


 Dear Family

First off-- Congrats to Dad!! Emilee sent me the link of your change of command. I couldn't watch the video, but I read the article and I tried to picture everything as if I were there. Dad, you are so friggin cool. I must say that I really do have the best family in the world!!!! Thanks for all you do...
I am happy to hear the move is going well. Soren, I was missing you this week. I was thinking of spongebob episodes and tried to explaion the scenes to my companion in Spanish.  They aren't as funny in Spanish. I knew if you were here you would get it.  Hope all is well with the second and first generation. In all honestly, I can't wait to see you guys again and just talk.

I have begun to notice a theme here in Peru that is really different than America. My comp and I have tried really hard to contact, and we find people that sound really excited and interested, so we make a meeting with them. BUT when we return there isn't anyone, or they send out their kids to tell us nobody is home.  It's really frustrating because it's hard to see if a person is actually going to listen or if we are just wasting our time. I know we are going to be blessed with people who want to listen because we are diligently searching.

Like Mikol, he is somebody I never thought would want to see us again, but honestly out of all of our contacts he is the only one who received a lesson and is keeping his commitments. I know it is worth it.

I would love to have the family's new address. I am going to try to mail a letter home but I need the new address.

I really do miss you guys. It has been hard without my parents, sisters and brothers around. But you know what? I have developed from this a grand respect and testimony of the plan of salvation. I know now heaven is not gonna be heaven without my family.  That is for sure!!!!

Oh, I finally found all of you the perfect diet. I call it "rice and diarrhea diet." All you have to do is eat rice for every meal.... (yes, breakfast too) and have diarrhea every time you are teaching a lesson... Haha, sorry I shouldn't talk like that, but it is true because I have gone down two belt loops...

I hope you know I love and miss you guys...


Elder Larson

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