Monday, September 3, 2012


Dear Family,

So Presidente Ardila just cut our email time down from an hour to 45 minutes, so I will type as fast as i can.

Primero, this week had it's ups and downs. We have had lots of lessons and investigators but nobody will commit to baptism. It is frustrating. However, I am now taking part in the lessons more and the investigator can really understand me now... so that is good.

I have found the secret for success. The harder you work, the faster you walk, and the more people you talk to, the faster the day goes by... AND it is way more fun.

Also, to make my missionary change complete I did the unexpected.  I now have a comb-over haircut. I will try to take a pic for next week.

I also found out that the Peru mail is on strike so lots of letters have been delayed for weeks now, including dear elders.  Sending stuff out of the country is impossible now. Two letters I tried to send have come back, so I will try later in the year.

I need a favor from the family though.  Could you send pictures of our cars through email to show my companions because they don't believe I have a mustang back at home.

This past p-day we bought a whole bunch of meat and cooked it over a camp friggen delicios. This p-day is p-day multizona and I will get to see Elder Burgi from the MTC. I am excited. Well, times up. Sorry I couldn't write more... chau chau

Elder Larson

Cooking meat on p-day

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