Monday, September 3, 2012


Dear Family,

I am not going to lie. This week has been a trying one. It is hard living in the mission where the motto that we say at every reunion de districto is "in the Peru Lima east mission we baptize and confirm  converts weekly" and everyone is doing just that except your area. It is trying, but I know I can learn something from these hard times. We are going to try every form of contacting we can and be way more direct in our teachings. We will see how it goes.
Saturday was the prophets birthday and there was a special broadcast. If you guys saw it, it was pretty cool. However, me and my companion thought that the prophet was going to talk and some apostles like general conference. We brought two investigating families to the transmission and explained that the prophet and maybe some apostles were going to give talks about the gospel. You can imagine the look on their faces when the boy scouts came running out all with American flags, and later they had to listen to 7 trombones all in English. It was something that made me and my comp laugh. However I was grateful I got to watch it because there were songs from Phantom and Les Mes and I thought all about my family.  And when Josh Groban came on I couldn't help but think about Grandma Larson. So I was grateful I got to watch. My investigators, not so much they left thirty minutes into it. haha....

I am glad you warned me about the "pocket talk" Dad because I literally have given a talk at at least one of my branches every Sunday.  It helps me practice my Spanish and now the members know my name, so yeah it's all good.

I hope you guys know I love and miss you.

Elder Larson!!!!

p.s.  Sorry i cant talk or spell in english or spanish now....
p.s.s I tried to say my prayer in english and I couldn't do it haha..... can't wait till 7 months from now haha...

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