Tuesday, July 31, 2012

07/31/2012 - I love you guys!

 I am glad you guys are on your way to Kansas. I hope you don't feel too stressed Dad, but if you do feel stressed, go ahead and knock Soren around. That always helped me when I was stressed, and he probably did something to deserve it.

So every Sunday we eat lunch with a member. It is really delicious, but every Sunday night I have [major stomach issues] and can't sleep at all... it has happened every weekend since I got here without fail. But you know what? I went down a belt loop so I can't complain...

This week started off tough. We weren't having much success and a lot of our family investigators went out of town. Nobody wanted to listen to us. So we decided to try to visit some menos activos (less-active church members). This is when I stopped being selfish Sheldon and started thinking about others. We found a lady named Inocenta. She is a wonderful old lady. She is now in a wheelchair, and has severely misshapen feet and hands. She hasn't been to church because she is the only member and her family wasn't taking her to church. She was so happy to see us. She had been praying that somebody from the ward would remember her because she felt forgotten. She asked us to sing for her because that is what she missed most about church was the hymns. So me and my companion sang three hymns. She tried to sing along. I have never heard a more humble voice. She then asked for a blessing of salud (health) and asked me to give it.  I hadn't ever given a blessing in Spanish before. I was so nervous, but it went well and she was so grateful. She is an amazing lady.... please family be grateful for all you have.... she then introduced us to her family. They invited us to eat lunch and we talked great. We are going to have family home evening with them tomorrow. I am grateful i dont have to do missionary work alone. The Lord is always there.

Aside from that I finally ate guinea pig (head and all).  It was actually pretty good!!!

We also had missionary work night. There were four teams and each missionary was a captain and had a team... it was so much fun. We got some new investigators from it.

I also went on splits with an elder named Morales. It was fun and we went to a place that had lots of farms and people who only lived off the land...

I hope you guys are excited about your new house and home... I miss you all very much. You guys remember I love you, k

Elder Larson

Elder Larson and some chicken/bird

Splits with Elder Morales

That would be a guinea pig head (with the teeth???)

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