Monday, December 3, 2012


Dear family, 

Welp we are now in Christmas season. And it feels a lot more like it here than California. I had an amazing opportunity to have Elder Uceda, the 1st counselor of our area to speak to us. Wow, it was awesome. He talked a lot about how we need to face our fears of offending people and teach the truth.  He also said we need to leave the little sins we have on our mission.

We had the same rule that if we didn't bring an investigator we couldn't watch the Christmas devotional. So once again we looked hard for someone to come. One investigator named Stefani was able to come and got to see it. I really enjoyed Elder Eyrings talk. I couldn't help but think of the time that dad bought the boys a plane, and no matter how hard we tried it would not fly.... haha. But I had the greatest memory just being with the family that Christmas. I also began thinking about how we sometimes focus a little too much on giving material presents. I said to myself that I only have one gift to give this Christmas, and that is the hope that comes from the gospel. But it is the only gift that is really of worth to give. With this in mind, I am pumped up to work hard again

I am really happy to hear from Ricky and that he is doing so well, and that all of my friends are loving the mission. It's a help to me to know that the work is going forth so strong :)  I am also way stoked that the package arrived. On the outside of the package there is a envelope from the mission. Make sure you don't throw it away because it has a picture.

I love you all, thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Elder Larson

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