Monday, December 24, 2012


Dear Family, 

It was so wonderful to get that video and hear you all singing. I had to play it out loud so about fifteen missionaries and 5 other latinos were chuckling, but i didn't care. It was awesome to get that from y'all.....
Also, I am totally proud of Soren for fulfilling his role as member missionary. I can tell Soren will be an awesome missionary wherever he goes....

 Well training has been a BLAST!!!!! It was so awesome to have a "greenie" so excited to contact and teach and who really was excited about the work.  I will tell you, my comps from the city and is kinda of a baby when it comes to being out in the middle of nowhere where we are.  haha.  He complained really hard about the cold here and tried to call the president to say that the room we had was not up to par as a missionary should have.  I was so happy to hear the president say, to put it simply, that we have one of the best rooms of the mission and to suck it up!!!!! hahaha. But he really is awesome.  I think he will toughen up with time...

We had the baptism of Natily and i think this foto really describes how it feels after our baptisms.

I also had the amazing experience of having a less-active member come to church. We taught a lesson and I have never felt the spirit so strong. He and I both started to cry and at the end he said he was going to talk to the bishop to start his papers to go on the mission.  He is awesome and we are going to have him acompañarnos for a few citas to prepare him. It was awesome.

For the Christmas party I had to be Santa.... I got up on stage all dressed up and danced around for a couple of songs. It was hilarious.

Oh and I was coming back from Lima, picking up my companion, and I got a call from the President that he forgot to tell me I was also now District Leader, so needless to say I have been praying a lot for the help of the Lord.  One day while i was studying I was readying in prov. 27:23 and this scripture really helped me understand that in the mission I have my area filled with my people and i have the responsibility to look over them...... i don't know thought I would share that...

I am so excited to talk to you guys tomorrow at 8:00 here 7:00 there. You all look so different, especially Lukas. I wish i could skype but there really are no places to skype out here in "bumfly egypt".... (quote from dad).

Remember why we have this Christmas season, and hug all those less-active cats in your wards because a lot of times they just need a friend to go to church with.
love y'all nos vemos mañana,

Elder Larson

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