Monday, December 10, 2012


Dear Family.....

First off i would like to direct my comments to Soren.... Soren, FREAK YEAH!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO  I cant tell you how proud i am of you. the minute i read that  i yelled out hear wooohhhooo with a big clapping, all the peruanos here looked at me, but I didn't care.... you're are the best example Soren. This story reminds me of the one that president Monson had about standing up even if you have to stand alone.... way to go lil bro....

Second, I would have gladly been shot yesterday night. I don't know what I ate but I have never been so sick in my stomach my whole life. I literally was up every thirty minutes to go to the baño and I had to sleep on the floor.... I took some pills that took the pain in the stomach away but i still got the boo pretty frequently.

Third, I had the opurtunidad a bautizar 2 people this week. A mother and her daughter. They are so awesome. I also had another "best two years" experience. I had a strong urge to contact an elderly man in the street. We talked and I told him about our purpose as missionaries. He didn't really seem interested so I invited him to church and we left... but the great part is the following day he arrived at church!!!!! I found out his name is Evangelio which in ingles is Gospel. The only bad part is that it was the primary program so he was a little confused, but he loved the priesthood hour and really participated. Cant wait to visit him tomorrow so we can really help him understand everything he learned in church.

Also em y mom, I have not received a package but it should arrive here before Christmas i hope....
about the calls home i have two options, they say that i have 40 minutes to talk to you guys, but that includes logging in and if there are problems that time too.... sooo you guys choose if you want a call or skype. i say skype because my pensionista has a pretty good connection. but y'all choose.

I love you guys so much and thanks everyone for writing me. Love you.

Elder Larson

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