Thursday, May 24, 2012


Dear Family and friends-
It was so nice to hear from all ya'll this week...
This past Sunday I was interviewed and I am now the new district leader. I heard from Dallin this week and he said he is loving it out in the field. I cant wait to get out into the field (wherever that may be) and start serving, too. I am sorry to say that they just got rid of the pictures machine and no computer at the MTC allows me to send them. So you wont be getting some for a while. But yes Mom, I would love to get some from ya'lll. My two investigators that I am teaching are so awesome. I am growing a love for the people I teach and even more so for the gospel.
This week we had Elder Rasband of the seventy speak to us. He talked about how it isn't enough just to have the spirit when you teach and study, but that you need the CONSTANT COMPANIONSHIP of the Holy Ghost. He said the three ways to do that is to 1) Bridle your Passions 2) Let virtue always garnish your thoughts and 3) Ask for it all the time. I loved this talk because honestly the times when I am the happiest out here are the times when I recognize I have the power of the Holy Ghost in my actions and thoughts.

I am now completly 100% feeling awesome. It was sad to send off four guys to the Peru MTC but I am so happy and proud of the work they will be able to accomplish down there.

I also love how in the mission field, ties are the only thing we barter. They are the only things we have to trade, and let me tell you, I have gotten some bomb-diggity ties now.

This week let me just say I dominated yes dominated in soccer. So Lukas you may have basketball but I got you in futbol..... I hope you all are doing great. Please know I love you and miss you, but I have never been so happy to serve the Lord. I want you to know I feel, yes can actually feel your prayers influence me. You are all great. Love you, see ya.

Keep huggin all those cats, no matter how crazy it may seem. Love ya


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