Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Dear family and friends,

Wow what a week. I am so amazingly lucky to be a missionary. This week we heard from a member of the seventy named Elder Craig Zwick. I wish you could have heard the amazing testimony and experiences he had with the Book of Mormon. He served his Mission in 1968 in Argentina.  He talked about all the amazing experiences he had with the Book of Mormon. He talked about how in all truth, it was what truly converts people to come unto Cristo. I want to add my testimony to that. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I have felt the love of it in my life and have seen its powerful influence in others' lives. There is no doubt in my head that this book was NOT written by Joseph Smith, but translated by a Profeta of God. I am starting to re-read the Book of Mormon again and challenge my family to do the same. I am simply reading 10 pages a day and should be able to finish it about six times on my mission. I encourage you all to do the same. I also encourage you all to continue living as a witness of the truthfulness of the restoration. It is a powerful thing in our lives and we must never be ashamed to share it. The hymn that was sung after the talk by Elder Zwick was " How firm a foundation." When in doubt look up the last verse to that song.... "I will not, I cannot desert to the foes" Thank you family for having prepared me to serve.

 And on a different note Elder Cooley received his visa yesterday at 3:00 and had four hours to clean and pack before he was on the next flight at 11:00....which mean the visas are still coming, but i have not yet received mine. Elder Burgi and I are now in a trio companionship with Elder Quilter who is a stellar Missionary! My soccer is continuing to rock but my english is getting worse and worse each day.

Oh, and here is a small little answer to my prayer this week. So lately I have been really missing not being able to go to THRIFT STORES.... you know how much I love them. Well, this week I knew it was starting to be a distraction. So I literally prayed for Heavenly Father to take away my thrift store urges so i could still focus.... He did me one better..... They have boxes all over the place called "free boxes." They are like thrift stores in a box!!!!!!! AND FOR FREEEEE!!!!! I honestly knew it was an answer to my prayer. Just goes to show you God truly does know our hearts wants and needs. And this helped my testimony of prayer grow.
A new District arrived today in our Zone and wouldn't you know it, there is another Elder Larson going to Tranquillo Peru..... Crazyness... this new district is really a focused group and I already look up to them.... just good people I guess.....

Mom thank you for always asking if i need something, and actually yes, there is one thing.... Warheads the candy. I had one yesterday and I was instantly addicted again. I hadn't had one since the 5th grade and I forgot how much I loved them. So if you could send a bunch of those.....make sure they are the hard candy ones though....Soren will know what i am talking about. Thanks you're the best.... remember hard ones and lots!!!!!! k thanks

I want you all to know that.......I LOVEEE THE BEACH!!! and I love you. I miss you, but as Dad keeps telling me, "we will be here when you get back." Thanks for you letters and again i love you all.....
Hope your week is amazing
live Long and prosper....
go ahead and hug all those Cats....
You Rock
Elder Larson
p.s remember the hard sour warheads....lots.... K love you

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