Monday, February 25, 2013


Dear Family. 

   I have so so so much to tell you, and so little time, so I will bullet point this letter.

1. I take back what i told you about my compañero last week. I have had the best and most successful week of my mission thanks to the companionship. He is one of my best friends. It's like having Dallin and Ricky as my companions. He told me that he gets frustrated fast with people who are lazy in the mission, and with his last companion he had had enough... and even though it was wrong, he gave him a reminder. I had the opportunity to meet his last companion, and I would have punched his lights out too.  jk. So don't worry about my compi, we are the best we've ever been. I gained a buddy and hope we can stay here another transfer.

2. Our mission is doing amazing, and like Emilee said, it will splitting into two missions. We will know June 1st what missiona I will be in. I am praying so hard to be in the Hauncayo mission. That has all of this province including cerro de pasco (the worlds highest city). But i know i will go where i should be.

3. I finally got my B-day package. Thanks so much for the cards and the cool pen from Jerusalem  You rock!!!! And Emilee, your Christmas package still hasn't arrived. I am just hoping it gets here before the missiona splits. hahahaha....

3. We had two baptisms last week and should have two sisters get baptized this week. The ward is chalk-full and i am dying every time I have to enter the chapel.

4. Congrats to Soren on the acceptation (?) to BYU. I yelled in english here in the computer lab, "my brother got into BYU!" I always yell important news. I don't even care the people that look at me.

5. I am thankful I haven't gotten any food sickness, but the rapid climate change gave me a pretty bad cough. I lost my voice, and a missionary without a voice is hardly a missionary (no disrespect to the sign language missions). So pray that I can kick this cough in the butt (or bum as mom says. haha)

6. I attached some fotos and you can see the dust bowl I am in, along with my comp and the baptisms we had.

7. I took some money out to get some boots so the sand doesn't keep entering my shoes.

8. i love you guys and hope that you are remembering that every member is a missionary. 

Love, Elder Larson

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