Monday, February 18, 2013


My Dearest Family,

So much has happened these past two weeks and I will try to say it all in the little time i have.

1. Two weeks ago we had another two baptisms. One is Winnie. She is a girl that really has an amazing testimony. She has given us so many references to her friends and family, and we had so much to teach.

2. We also had a miracle. A lady who has been listening to the missionaries for a long time finally accepted last Thursday to be baptized THE VERY NEXT DAY, and she wanted me to baptize her.  BUTTTTTTTT the President called and you guessed it, I had emergency transfers. So mom, you were right. I didn't get to see her and her two kids get baptized which was hard for me.

3. The President wrote me and said that he had a special assignment. He said the companion that I was going to was having trouble wailing on his other companions.  The reason he put me with him is because I "could handle myself if a situation arose." I guess that means the president trusts me, and if I end up having to kick his butt I can. hahaha jk.

4. My new area is in Huaycan. It is outside of Lima, and if i could describe it in two words it would be hot and dusty. I feel like I am living in Palm Desert or Las Vegas because all of the roads are sand. I am burning up. The branch I meet in is small but nice. We rent a building to meet in and I can tell the president is feeling really tired. I have never sweated so much in a Sacrament meeting, and I am not even joking, I almost blacked out. Luckily we had a baptism but we are going to have to have the help of members because my area is gigantic.

5. The good part is that I am close to Lima so em your package should get here....

6. Also i never said happy birthday to John..... HAPPY BDAY JOHNªªª

7. I am so happy to be here. The fam bam enjoyed president's day. I honestly didn't even know or remember. haha.

8. I hope all the little chibolos "kids" of whit and Ian and Allison and Nate are fine.... 

9. Please pray that I can survive this heat.

10. I am sending a foto of my last zone and of my pensionista (the lady that feeds me) in my last zone.

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