Monday, February 4, 2013


Dear Family.
    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! Man, the weeks without being able to write you are hard, but you know what? I am just grateful for this time that I have.

1. first i want to say that i am glad Em got to show you guys the pics that I sent home.  The guy on my shoulders is a member named Kevin. He has a brother on a mission in mexico and is a huge help to the work the guy on the ground is my companion who absolutely hates his face in pictures, even worse than Whitney at 15 years old.

2. After working hard all of January, I was about ready to accept to not have a baptism for that month.  BUT a man named Cezar who is 17 came up to us and said he wanted to be baptized. All of his family are members and I thought he was too. But they all got baptized about three years ago and he didn't because he didn't have a testimony. He had been attending church and said to us, "I want to be baptized tomorrow." Wow, how strong he is. I am so blessed that the Lord is preparing people way before I even get to talk to them.

3. We also had the baptism of Mama O. She insists that we call her that because she says that from now on the missionaries will be her children. Me and my companion baptized her because she can't walk, so we baptized her in a chair. She is a spiritual light also, and I honestly don't know how much time left she has on this earth. I love her like another grandma.

4. I will not be sending any more fotos from these computers because every time I do, I get a virus and end up having to erase them all. I will be buying another big memory card and keeping them until the end of my mission. sorry.
5. It is so cool to be a missionary. It is way tougher than any other thing. I am so tired and destroyed after every day that I shouldn't be happy, but I am the happiest I have ever been. These people are my brothers. Their names and faces are on my mind (like you guys) all the time.

6. I had the best food yesterday with a member. It was delicios, but it was a food in quechua so I don't remeber what it's called.

7. I am sorry to hear about the packages mom and Em. The good news is that I did get all the little pictures from primary. hahaha.

8. I am trying to upload another fotos so you guys can see the baptism of Cesar.
9. I have completely destroyed another pair of shoes too. I will be taking out money to buy a good pair because packages from home don't really get here. haha.

10. I really do miss you guys, and you better write me on dear elder because its free, fast and I can read your cards throughout the week!!!!
I love you guys sooo much and I will talk to you soon!

Love, Elder Larson

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