Friday, June 15, 2012

06/13/2012 - I'm Here


I am here everyone. I don't have a lot of time to write so I will try to just put short sentences in. Holy cow, landing here was crazy. There is like a line for everything. We met up with some missionaries that were from Ecuador and I realized there must be two types of MTC Spanish. I could understand them when they spoke slow, but they don't speak slow.  Also, it is hotter here than anywhere I have ever lived. My clothes seem wet allll thhhheeee timmmmmeeee!!!! But I am sooo soo excited to be here. Walking out of the airport was humbling as well. The buildings here are about to fall over and it was like being in Tijuana. Also, there are loose dogs everywhere!!!! And holy cow I saw a person get hit by a car and a car accident on the way to the MTC... there are no rules for driving here!!!!!!! But the MTC is in a way nicer area. Those missionaries I met at the MTC are way nice.... except they were all weighing themselves on the scale and had me get on and all said "OHHHHHHHHHHH" at the same time when my number came up. It wasn't in pounds so I didn't know how much more I weighed than them.

DO NOT SEND PACKAGES HERE!!!!!  So you can send pouch mail or just regualr mail but I don't know my address.  I am here for nine weeks and can guarantee I will be working hard. I love these people already.  Nobody speaks English and I hope I don't turn into a hermit crab because I can't communicate. I will try to write as much as possible, but I really want to focus while here. Also I realized that Americans are nothing but a bunch of complainers. I hope you are all thankful back home for what you do have and never ever ever complain!!!!.... Write when you can.

Love you....
Elder Larson

Everyone who can, please try to write Sheldon this week.  Elder Larson's current address for the next 3 weeks (I will updated it later. Remember you need about 3 stamps.):

Elder Sheldon Keller Larson
Peru MTC
Centro De Capacitacion Missional
Melgarejo 159
 La Molina
Lima 12

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